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Government Of Assam Public Health Engineering Department (PHED)

Support Activity

Five percent (5%) of National Rural Drinking Water Programme (NRDWP) funds on a 90:10 Central:State Share basis is used for different Support Activities to provide software support to water and sanitation activities of the state. This includes R&D activities, GIS mapping, MIS and computerization, various IEC and HRD activities etc. under the Water & Sanitation Support Organisation (WSSO) setup.

The Support Fund is thus utilised for -

  • Support for Consultants at WSSO, DWSM level and Laboratory staff.
  • Setting up and support to Block Resource Centres.
  • Providing support for awareness generation ( IEC) and capacity building/training activities (HRD).
  • Providing hardware and software support for MIS at the district and sub divisional level to bring in more accountability, effective monitoring and transparency in delivery of services.
  • Research and Development activities relevant to the State.
  • Engaging State Technical Agency for preparation of projects, technical scrutiny and evaluation of rural water supply schemes.
  • Support for successfully deploying the Integrated Management Information System (IMIS) and such other activities.